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Energizing the City Through Art and Ecology

Thursday, September 11 at 12:15 p.m.

Friends of the Parks - Walter Netsch Lecture Series

"Energizing the City Through Art and Ecology"

Guest speaker, John David Mooney, artist

Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, Claudia Cassidy Auditorium

Wild Ricing Moon, 95' high, painted steel - University of Minnesota Duluth - © John David Mooney 2006

Chicago based artist John David Mooney will discuss Public Art in Public Spaces and what inspires him to create the large scale public art installations we enjoy. Have you ever wondered what the inspiration behind the Spiral Galaxy at the Adler Planetarium was? Now is your chance you learn more about it!

John David Mooney is an artist who works in permanent large-scale public sculptures, monumental land sculptures, and urban light sculptures. Mr. Mooney is also known for his temporary pieces and his large-scale light installations. He was commissioned by the Government of Malta to create an Opera in Light for the Millennium. His problem solving methods address urban planning, landscape architecture, and energy collection as well as innovative transportation systems. In all that he designs, he puts the needs of the public first. The artist’s entire public portfolio is to enhance the public good. His visionary artistic solutions change not only the urban landscape for the common good, but also the rural environment and the preservation of nature. Always ahead of the times, his generosity of providing solutions of beauty and efficacy of use has helped us all and changed the city for the good.

Mr. Mooney will present some of his past visionary plans for Chicago including the transformation of Navy Pier from a shipping facility to a full blown people place. He will show his proposal for Chicago’s first green roof, and a monumental one at that. Likewise, he will present his designs for a personal rapid transit vehicle for Chicago.

But the artist’s first and present concern is to provide adequate open space for rest and recreation for the urban dweller. The artist’s mantra is that a park and green space must be within a five-minute walk, or a ten-minute ride by public transportation for every urban dweller.

Mr. Mooney’s art nurtures both Man and Environment. Topics which he will cover in the Walter Netsch Lecture:

“Where Art can take energy collection to new levels”

“Where Art can take a town off the electrical grid.”

“Where Art can be the driving force to help sustain the environment.”

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