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Graham Livingston

Graham Livingston joined us as a Post-Graduate Fellow following the reception of his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in December 2017.  He maintains an independent practice as an emerging artist, holding a studio residency with the Chicago Art Department and showcasing work both nationally and internationally. Highlights include his participation in the 30 under 30 exhibition, curated by Chrissie Iles of the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York City. Most recently his work was exhibited in the Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine, where he had been awarded residency at the MC6 studio in the Carpathian mountains. 


More on Graham Livingston can be found on his website at


"The artwork is digitally produced and exhibited as prints, videos, projections, and books. The underlying theme of the work is from an interest in digital and physical environments, and the possibilities of a post-screen culture. There is a trend in technology that tries to create the perception of physical spaces in digital realms, like virtual reality, as well as putting digital objects into physical spaces, like 3d projections and rapid fabrication tools. The integration of digital and physical spaces necessitates a post-screen culture and our pursuit is to showcase and stimulate more imaginative potentials for the visual experience of these spaces."


-Graham Livingston from his 2018 interview Rising Stars from the South West Side with Voyage Chicago.

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