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The JDM Foundation is proud to host
opening reception
Friday November 10th, 5:30–7:30pm

Curated by Thuy-Tien Vo, MA Candidate, Visual and Critical Studies, Fulbright Scholar, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, & Dr. Nora A. Taylor, Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specialist in Contemporary Vietnamese Art.


Participating Artists & Scholars: Le Hien Minh, Do Trong Quy, Maya Nguyen, Ngô Hứa Minh Trí, Nguyễn Trần Đoan Trang, Đỗ Minh Giang (Jent), Thuy-Tien Vo (in collaboration with Claire Lobenfeld, Zheng Yezhou, Jung Soo Kim, Tzuen/Theo Wu), Justin Quang Nguyên Phan, and Nora Annesley Taylor.


Exhibition continues through December 31, 2023 with weekly evenings of lectures by artists and scholars. TBA


Ongoing: Wartime and post-war Vietnamese paintings from the Albert I. Goodman Collection

International Currents Gallery

John David Mooney Foundation

114 West Kinzie St., Chicago

Ongoing exhibit through October 29, 2023
The John David Mooney Foundation is proud to announce
a Solo Exhibition of New Work by
Frances Lightbound
*Public Reception and Opening
Thursday, September 21st, 2023
5:30pm to 7:30pm
*Gallery Brunch
Saturday, September 30th, 2023
10:00am to 12:30pm

International Currents Gallery

John David Mooney Foundation

114 West Kinzie St., Chicago

See article by Pia Singh, "Frances Lightbound’s TECTONICS", published in The Drouth Online,

Scotland’s weekly web journal for literature, art, politics and informed critical commentary

Cosms III_Frances Lightbound_Tectonics press release horizontal.png

Tectonics is about things in process; objects out of place and/or out of time. About buildings as condensations of human and non-human activity. About navigating the tides of sensation while being occasionally anchored to islands of familiarity; about objects and spaces that rhyme. As a vandal let loose in the library of the metropolis, Lightbound uses architecture as a lens to examine spatio-temporal relationships between bodies, built spaces and landforms, rearranging aspects for one to lose authority against the backdrop of the other. The exhibition becomes an intimate act of readership on the magnetic nature of materiality in the medium of building.


Tectonics presents a series of anecdotal installations, incorporating print, sculpture, drawing, and site-responsive works on paper. Variable screen print editions take a single photographic image as their starting point; their surfaces threatening to evolve through ongoing, iterative processes. Salvaged architectural fragments from elsewhere are sent off on new voyages, thickening their associative dexterity. Heavyweight graphite rubbings formed through Lightbound’s sustained bodily engagement with the gallery, shift paper to sculptural relief. Relativizing meaning and transforming trace materials like graphite to breaking point (where meaning is lost and found) the works encourage a deeper consideration of surface and structure, deconstructing and at times collapsing, human and geologic timelines to redistribute raw materials toward more salient truths; towards elemental nature and the enigmatic charge of spatial gesture. The exhibition continues through October 29th, 2023.

Frances Lightbound (b. 1989, Sheffield, UK) works at the intersection of printmaking, drawing, sculpture and architecture. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including projects at Paris•London•Hong Kong, Chicago; Bianca Bova Gallery; Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; MONACO, St Louis; and 68projects, Berlin. She has collaborated on projects with designers, dancers, and fellow artists, and was a co-founder of 2|1|4|1 artist collective, Scotland. Lightbound is a faculty member of the Printmedia Department at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and a Luminarts Visual Arts Fellow. She holds a BA (Hons) from Glasgow School of Art, and an MFA from SAIC. 

Alongside EXPO Chicago Exhibition Weekend, join us for Brunch in the Gallery on Saturday, September 30, 10am – 12:30pm.

This project is generously supported by Luminarts Cultural Foundation.

The JDM Foundation is proud to announce the performance
“Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” [Women, Life, Freedom]
featuring the artists:
Audrey-Rose Dégez (Ukraine)
Dasha Holovchanska (Ukraine)
Deniz-Heval Kandemir (Kurdistan)
Friday November 17th, 2023
*opening reception - 5:30pm
*performance - 6:00pm
*Please join us for a special additional programming of
Puppeteering Workshop
Dasha Holovchanska (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
artist’s puppet, BARTON.
Saturday November 18, 10am – 12 noon

International Currents Gallery

John David Mooney Foundation

114 West Kinzie St., Chicago

MCLanded_We will Leave Our Trace Behind_CourtesyLatitudo__PaolaFarfaglio (1).png
The John David Mooney Foundation is delighted to present
How Long to Stand on One Leg?
a performance by
Yaryna Shumska

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

We invite you to join us the following evening for a lecture by the

artist where they will show a visual presentation on the artist's life

and art experience since February 24, 2022, and the

present condition of contemporary art in Ukraine.

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023




International Currents Gallery

John David Mooney Foundation

114 West Kinzie St., Chicago

The John David Mooney Foundation is delighted to announce Anxious Pink, July 13-29, 2023, an exhibition of painting and installation by Valeriia Tarasenko, Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellow.

Please join us for the Opening Reception:

Thursday, July 13, 5:30-7:30pm

114 West Kinzie Street

Chicago, IL  60654

Parking, Valet and reduced evening rate, Sterling Park Garage


This exhibition presents work created by Valeriia during her four months of residency as a recipient of the Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship. The large-scale canvases reveal the artist’s first impression of Chicago and interweave a narrative of her journey in exile after February 24, 2022.


Marking the culmination of Tarasenko’s Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship residency at the Foundation, Anxious Pink presents the artist’s unique view of Chicago - from familiar sites, to new faces, and personal moments - and couples this with personal, diaristic, and political reflections. Tarasenko deftly interweaves these personal and collective narratives in large scale canvases, fiber pieces, and works on paper, examining shifting and conflicted notions of ‘home’.


Valeriya Tarasenko (b. 1988, Kyiv) studied at the Polygraphic department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Since 2008 she has worked as a teacher at the art school. In 2013 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts Faculty of Painting Restoration department. Valeria is also co-founder of an organization which works with Down syndrome people — “Atelier Normalno”.


Thanks to the generous support of donors, the Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship of the John David Mooney Foundation has hosted ten Ukrainians this past year. From our initial launch on May 5, 2022, at the Union League Club until the present, the Chicago community has generously contributed to and encouraged our combined efforts to provide respite, safety, and freedom for those artists at risk, displaced, and traumatized by the war.  Nine of our residents have been from Kharkiv. Members of their accompanying families have ranged from an 8-month-old baby to a 92-year-old grandmother. These Fellowship holders, visual artists, designers, and artist performers have produced extraordinary work, and have impacted and enriched our city’s cultural landscape. Valeriia is the first to come from Kyiv.


We are seeking support to continue the Fellowship and provide opportunities for those who will join us in the fall. If you are inspired by this effort, we hope you will consider a gift. You may make a donation via PayPal (enter: ) or by check to the John David Mooney Foundation, a not-for-profit, at 114 West Kinzie St., Chicago, IL  60654. Your support will help to sustain and protect the living culture of Ukraine and its future Renaissance. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to welcoming you to the exhibit opening!

Opening night reception for Aliona Solomadina
And her exhibition, Formation of Time
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
5:30pm to 7:30pm


Consul Yevgeniy Drobot of the Ukrainian Consulate will open the exhibit at 6pm, followed by an artist’s talk.

John David Mooney Foundation

114 West Kinzie St., Chicago

Valet Parking is available, and parking at a reduced rate in the Sterling park garage


Aliona Solomadina is a graphic artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and a Fellow of the Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship, John David Mooney Foundation.

Aliona arrived in Chicago at the beginning of November 2022, with her mother, Iryna, and her grandmother, Hanna, and as guests of the JDMFoundation for four months.  Aliona has been in residence in the Foundation’s studios preparing a digital exhibition of her response to Chicago Architecture.

Aliona Solomadina

Aliona, Hanna, Iryna

Aliona, who has had a distinguished graphic design practice in Kyiv for the last ten years, recently executed a large-scale digital light installation in Prague which was a construct of letters influenced by the architecture of Prague.

In her Chicago exhibition, Formation of Time, Aliona has designed a series of numbers inspired by Chicago architectural masterpieces.  The artist reflects on number forms as abstract and concrete signifiers of distance and time.

The exhibition continues through March 28, 2023.

This project and the Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship is totally underwritten by private donations. We are most grateful to all the many donors who have made the Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship Program possible.  The Foundation hosted six Ukrainian Artist-Performers from Kharkiv last fall. The Slovo Theatre Group wrote a play and presented workshops for Chicagoans and staged two live performances while in residence. They went on to perform the finished play in Pittsburgh, Rutgers University, and finally at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in D.C.

On March 20, we are bringing Valeriya Tarasenko from Kyiv as the next Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellow.

Again, our gratitude to the generous donors who have made this possible!


Audrey Rose Degez, playwright; Lili Maritchka Degez, eight-month old performer;


Six artist-performers from Kharkiv are in residence in Chicago for the month of October as part of the John David Mooney Foundation's  Ukrainian Art Bridge Fellowship. This program was developed to provide emergency support and housing for Ukrainian Artists impacted by Russia's aggression on the people and culture of Ukraine.  The Foundation with the support of its generous benefactors is providing living accommodations and studio space for the artists and their families.

The Kharkiv Slovo Theater is a group of artists, actors, performers and directors working to write, develop, workshop, and perform an original piece while in residence at the John David Mooney Foundation.  The work is based on the writing of Mykola Khyvylovy and his 1924 novella "I am (a Romantic)," in which the head of the Cheka, a communist law enforcement agency, must decide whether or not to sentence his own mother to death following the ideals of the Commune. 

This short story inspired Paris-based playwright, Audrey Rose Degez, to apply for residency at Slovo Theater in Kharkiv, where Khyvylovy suffered at the hands of Stalin, and to develop a play based on his work.   The February 24th invasion of Ukraine made this impossible; instead, she managed to bring Slovo Theater to America and to workshop in Chicago.

All are invited to attend the following events hosted by the John David Mooney Foundation, International Currents Gallery:
114 West Kinzie Street
Chicago, IL, 60654

Saturday, October 15 from 11am to 1pm
Discussion and workshop on the author Khyvylovy and Kharkiv's Slovo Theater,
Methodology and personal experiences.

Thursday, October 20, at 7pm
Performance of work in progress.

Friday, October 21, at 7pm
Performance of work in progress.

Six artists from Kharkiv, Ukraine

The artists in residence are, pictured from the left:Yuliia Linnik,  actress and PR manager;   Veronika Shuster,  artist, dancer, and linguist; Audrey Rose Degez, playwright; Lili Maritchka Degez eight-month old daughter in performance; John David Mooney;  Maksym Panchenko,  actor and Director;  Daria Holovchanska,  puppeteer and actress;

and Olesia Zakharova, actress, director and organizer.



The John David Mooney Foundation is enacting emergency residences and studios for Ukrainian artists, beginning immediately, and seeking resources for support.  Ukrainian artists

who have been internally displaced or had to flee the country will be considered first. We will be able to house seven people, comfortably, and more if the situation requires.

The Foundation is located in the center of Chicago, and is housed in a historic loft building which is within walking distance to all resources and transit systems.


● Established Artists - Residencies

Presently, established international artists whose work is challenging and cutting edge, are invited for residencies of one month, and at the end of their stay, an exhibition of their

work is presented in the International Currents Gallery of the Foundation.  This program which has been in place since 1981 will be on hold, and the Ukrainian Emergency Relief

initiative is replacing it.




An exception to the norm for Ukrainian Artists, is that the rotating residencies are for three months, and that the Foundation Fellows can bring their spouses and families. The artists will

have the option to present their work publicly in the Foundation’s International Currents Gallery, or to simply use the time for contemplation and recovery.  We realize every situation will

be different, and we are open to accommodating the artists to the best of our ability.

● Ongoing!  The John David Mooney Foundation’s


Artists and architects who have completed their graduate studies and in rare cases those with only an undergraduate degree, can apply to the Foundation for Advanced Study in the Intern and

Apprenticeship Program.  This interdisciplinary, experimental, and collaborative workshop is for talented individuals in all art fields, practice, criticism, theory, and art history, as well as related sciences

and engineering for a period of 12-18 months.  Places for Interns, Apprentices, and young professionals, remain for individuals only.  Artists, architects, and cultural field professionals from Ukraine will

be given priority consideration.  The philosophy of the John David Mooney Foundation emphasizes the responsibility of the artist to Society and the necessity of the artist to be a Giver, to discover Needs

and to offer solutions with Beauty.  The Foundation’s ongoing research and present direction is “Sustainability and Art.”

Show of works by students at the
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The John David Mooney Foundation is pleased to host an exhibition of work by students at the  School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying with Professor Anna Kielman in her printmaking class. 

The opening, on April 23, will begin at 2pm. The show will extend through one week. 

Marking the 100th anniversary of Joseph Beuys’ birth

Joseph Beuys and Richard Demarco

Beginning on May 12, 2021, the 100th anniversary of Joseph Beuys’ birth, the John David Mooney Foundation will commence a year-long celebration of Beuys’ life and works with gallery installations, film screenings, virtual presentations and webinar sessions with Beuys experts and critics.  Links will be made with the twenty four German museums and galleries featuring Bueys’ works, and honoring his 100th anniversary. The John David Mooney Foundation will feature the Richard Demarco archives which holds the largest body of Bueys’ work in northern Europe. 

Since 1970, Richard Demarco (left) and Joseph Beuys (right) had an extraordinary collaboration, which lasted until Beuys’ death in January 1986. Demarco’s invitation for Beuys, a German artist, to debut his work in Scotland (Strategy Get Arts, 1970) led to a series of ‘ACTIONS’ which enriched the world of art and inspired Beuys to embrace Celtic culture. Richard Demarco will discuss with Dr. Victoria Walters his amazing relationship with Beuys, Beuys’ legacy, and Celtic influence on Beuys’ work in a free Webinar hosted by Heriot-Watt University on May 12, 2021, at 9am CDT- Central Daylight Time (3pm UK time).

Link to Register:

Beuys’ ninth exhibition in Scotland was scheduled to coincide with the Edinburgh Festival in August 1986. Richard Demarco invited artist John David Mooney to take that time slot to memorialize Beuys’ death with an installation in his Blackfriars Gallery space. Mooney created two works that summer in memory of Beuys, Blackfriars Reconsecrated and Greenfields at Heriot-Watt University. Documentation of these installations are on exhibit at the International Currents Gallery as part of the Joseph Beuys Centennial celebrations.


Evening with IRISH POET


Poet DESMOND EGAN has had to cancel the March 23, 2020
at the John David Mooney Foundation.

Desmond has wisely elected not to leave Ireland
and to reschedule, later in the year, this highly anticipated event.
The John David Mooney Foundation’s
International Currents Galleries
will remain open.
Call (312) 822-0483 to schedule an appointment.
We hope that rescheduling this event will not cause you a major inconvenience.
The John David Mooney Foundation is most grateful for your continued patronage and support.
Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Concurrent exhibitions at the International Currents Gallery:


The Irish Portfolio:  Paintings of County Cork, Kinsale, and the Beara Peninsula by John David Mooney. 

Vietnamese Wartime Posters and more Vietnam paintings not previously exhibited from the Albert I. Goodman Collection


Valet Parking is available next door at 108 West Kinzie, and self-park in the Sterling Park Garage directly across the street from the Foundation.

Emma Varga

The Foundation again hosted as artist-in-residence Emma Varga from Sydney, Australia. She came to Chicago in October/November 2019 to present her stunning glass sculptures at the Bender Gallery in the SOFA (Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design) Chicago art fair. Emma also gave a series of workshops while in Chicago.


Emma Varga began her glass works when studying at the Applied Arts University in Belgrade working as a freelance artist and designer in a glass factory in former Yugoslavia, from where she hails originally. She moved to Australia in 1995 to continue this work.

Visiting Artists from Brazil

In August 2019 the Mooney Foundation hosted Brazilian artists Edgard Oliva and Alex Simões for a residency. Both artists came to Chicago for a "Close to There" artist exchange program between Salvador, Brazil, and Chicago, organized by Comfort Station (Chicago), Projeto Ativa (Salvador) and Harmonipan (Mexico City).


The Mooney Foundation hosted two symposia with the Brazilian artists during their residency in August. Alex gave a reading of his work at the Poetry Foundation. Both artists focused their new work inspired by Chicago and the urban environment. Artist Edgar continued to explore his stunning photographs in which the human figure emanates from dark, mysterious landscapes. The Foundation is delighted to have added to its collection a work by each artist.

Alex Simões is a poet and performer. He has published "trans formas são" (Organismo Editora, 2018), "Contrassonetos" (Mondrongo, 2015), "(hai)céufies" (Esquizo, 2014) and "Quarenta e Uns Sonetos Catados" (Domínio Público, 2013). His poems have been published in anthologies and collections. His work has been published in magazines in Brazil, Spain, and the United States. Since the 90s, Simões regularly participates in important literary events and multilingual readings, besides videoperformances, interventions and multimedia events. He is currently working on a visual poetry project, #experimentoscomletrasurbana ("experiments with urban letters" or "urban literature"). He has a blog:

Edgard Oliva began his studies in Visual Arts, with a concentration in Painting at the School of Fine Arts at UFBA. Between 1990 and 1994, he lived between Brazil and Germany, presenting his work in several solo and group exhibitions. In 1994, he began to teach painting at the Visual Arts Workshop at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia. In 2004, he became a professor of Photography at the School of Fine Arts at UFBA. His work is regularly featured in individual and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including Germany, France and Portugal. He also has experience in video art, documentary film, and curation. He has a blog:


Friday, September 20, 2019
International Currents Gallery at the

John David Mooney Foundation 

Reception:  6 to 9pm

Gallery talk 7:30pm
“North Vietnamese wartime painter, Bui Xian’s Phai, solo exhibition. Collector Albert Goodman will discus Phai’s stunning paintings and their French influences, as well as other artists work in his collection of post-war paintings.

"Milky Way Sculpure"

Gallery talk: 6:30pm
“Art takes a town off the Grid”
Through a massive sculptural intervention, artist John David Mooney and a team of engineers discuss how Art and Renewable Energy can take an entire town off the electrical grid. 

Artists from Croatia and Ecuador

This spring the John David Mooney Foundation is proud to present two exhibitions in the International Currents Gallery featuring artists from countries on two continents, the Republic of Croatia opening on May 10, 2019, and the Ecuadorian opening on June 11, 2019. Both shows feature visually each country’s ancient languages and their significance today.

May 10, 2019 Friday, at 2pm in the afternoon
As part of the Croatian-American Day, the Consul General of the Republic of Croatia, Sanja Laković, will host an exhibition “Script and Architecture” with sculpture and installations by Zagreb contemporary artist Anita Kontrec. The focus of Anita’s work will be on “glagoljoca”, the Croatian script which has been in existence since the tenth century to the present, and its relationship to romanesque sacred architecture.  Anita will be the Foundation’s Artist-in-Residence this April and May, creating new work and preparing her installations.

This Croatian-American Day will be highlighted with a truly unique viewing opportunity of four works by the late Croatian sculptor, Ivan Meštrović.  These pieces by the late Croatian Maestro have not been exhibited publicly before. They will include a monumental drawing, 11 feet high, of St. Francis receiving the stigmata.  Only a few eyes have been privileged to view this piece before.  The Meštrović works are being shown courtesy of the Croatian Franciscans in Chicago.

Chicagoans are familiar with Meštrović’s earlier works, the two statues of Indians on Horseback (“The Bowman and the Spearman“) at Congress Street and Michigan Avenue. The opening reception of our exhibition at 2pm follows the Croatian- American Day festivities which will take place at Daley Plaza at 12 noon on May 10. The exhibition in the International Currents Gallery will continue through May 31. Click here for photos from the show

June 11, 2019 Tuesday, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the evening
The Consul General of Ecuador, Lenin Housse Dávalos, will open an exhibition of eleven Ecuadorian artists in a show entitled UYATA SHUYCHIK visualizing the sonorous. These artists in their paintings use symbols and images to carry on the stories and oral wisdom embedded in their native tongues. The physicality of the paintings convey the power and sense of identity inherent in this oral tradition, a linguistic form threatened to disappear. For this reason, the artists have created works signifying the importance of their native tongues and recalling the United Nations declaration of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

This Ecuadoran exhibition will continue through June 28 and is part of the Chicago Inty Raymi festivities.  Inty Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, is the most important celebration of Andean people. Our evening at the Foundation will include indigenous music and dance.

The Foundation’s two exhibitions, Anita Kontrec’s Script and Architecture and the Ecuadorian artists’ UYATA SHUYCHIK, shown back to back in the International Currents Gallery, both deal with ancient languages and their traditions -- the “glagoljica” from Croatia and the Kichwa tongues of Ecuador.

Two nations on two continents celebrating through art the proclamation of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous LanguagesClick here for photos from the show

Art & Science - Catching the Equinox

24 hour installation in Santiago de Campostela, Spain

John David Mooney is creating a monumental light installation in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, opening on September 19, 2017 for the Tenth International Conference of INSAP (Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena.)


Both a day and night piece, this site-specific work will occupy 18,000 sq. ft. of the classical courtyard of the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Santiago de Compostela... read more

Albert  I. Goodman

Collection of Vietnamese Art

ART AFTER HOURS  reception

Friday, September 15, 2017  |  6:00 – 9:00pm

An exhibition of 53 paintings and drawings by modern Vietnamese Artists with a special focus on the paintings of Bùi Xuân Phái.

Phái’s works are presented as a show within a show. Both the Vietnam War and Post-War periods are represented in this collection which was originally acquired in Vietnam by Bruce Blowitz, a close friend of Albert Goodman. These paintings reveal the reality of life in Vietnam at a time in which the artists had no access to international art movements, modern technology, or even standard art materials and supplies.

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