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Visit us, call us, write us, fax us! The Foundation exists for you.


All of the Foundation's public exhibitions and programs are absolutely free, so that you may join us as often as possible. Opening Hours at the International Currents Gallery are Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-5pm and Saturday by appointment. Please call, drop by, send an email, or fax us anytime to schedule an individual appointment at the Foundation or to find out more about us.


The Foundation is a most unique organization in that all members are volunteers, including the Foundation's staff and directors. There is a place for everyone at the John David Mooney Foundation. Come join us! We extend a special invitation to Process Artists,  who wish to be involved with and work on the Foundation's major public art projects. These projects cannot be realized without your help.


If you would like to receive invitations and information regarding our upcoming events, please email us at with your email and mailing address.

Come Visit Us
Come Visit Us!

The John David Mooney Foundation stands in the heart of Chicago's historical art district.

The Foundation is based at 114 West Kinzie Street, where Chicago's artists and independent galleries first carved out their neighborhood, now called "River North." Adjacent to the Loop business district and nestled between the Merchandise Mart and the IBM building, the Foundation resides in the cultural and design heart of Chicago. The building itself has historical significance, since its construction in 1871 indicates that it is one of the oldest post-fire buildings in Chicago. Serving a wide range of the public, it is at once a local and global destination for those seeking innovative and contemporary international art.



Phone: 312 . 822 . 0483

Address: 114 West Kinzie Street

Chicago IL 60654


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