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Lui Jun Gang - Chinese Paintings of Contemporary Landscapes

Artist in Residence

Mr. Liu Jungang was born in 1956 in Beijing. He received his education from the Chinese Central Art College, studying traditional Chinese painting art. Liu specializes in crafting paintings of mountains and rivers. Beginning from the 1990s, he has visited Europe and Japan and has been under the influences of Western arts. Liu has been invited colleges, universities and galleries to host classes and lectures on the technique of traditional painting. Liu’s productions had been shown in Germany, Japan, and the United States. The Chinese Postal Administration selected him in 1996 to create a series of postage stamps. He was selected to exhibit his work in the Chinese state leader office; the Great Hall of People. Liu’s goal is to promote the communication between East and West artist culture. Pursuing art with social responsibility, imitating ancient works and learning from Nature, Liu has formed his own style which holds elegance, refinement, grandeur and is unrestrained. As an international modern artist, he inherited the excellent craftsmanship and traditions from the Chinese history of fine arts. His works show the clarity and freshness of the striking scenes of his home country. He tries to capture the soul of the city through whimsical stokes and color that is true to life. Liu is one among the generation that inherits the style of the past and keeps the spirit of tradition alive in the contemporary world.

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