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Time-space of Andean Wisdom

Inty Muenala is a cultural representative of the Kichwa people and other indigenous communities. His art is characterized by a cultural and social vision, an art practice in the relationship between contemporary creativity and practices which are intercultural collaborative-message harmonies, and a peaceful co-existence between cultures. Native contemporary, Installations minimalistic share between spiritual native soul and different media, to grab diferents medias like Tv, Internet, newspapers, radio station, to transmit the energy for the native american ceremonies. He has participated in various exhibitions and intervention artistic-cultural in local and international spaces such as: Russia, Italy, France, Canada, Unite State, Ecuador. Who’s Research is linked to issues of visual self-representation as historical, ethnic-cultural continuity strategies.

Yauri an artist, audiovisual communicator and Cultural Activator at the Experimental Technology Research University Yachay Tech. Master of Visual Anthropology at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO headquarters Ecuador. An educated artist who keeps the Nadine culture alive, he investigates the relationship between healthy art and intercultural collaborative practices. Participant and director of various artistic-cultural interventions in local and international spaces such as: Ecuador, Italy, France, United States and Brazil. His lines of research are linked to themes of visual self-representation as strategies of historical, ethnic-cultural continuity.



     Opening June 6  2018

     Closing June 17 2018 

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