The International Currents Gallery presents the newest and most exciting work of contemporary international artists and architects.

Housed on the 2nd floor of the John David Mooney Foundation, The International Currents Gallery spotlights new works, emerging artists and celebrated masters in the world of international art. With the intent to introduce international artists and display seldom-seen works, the Mooney Foundation utilizes the International Currents Gallery as a means of bringing exciting new collections to Chicago. The Foundation routinely hosts visiting artists and works closely with them in the creation and display of exhibits. The Mooney Foundation also hosts numerous events in conjunction with shows in the International Currents Gallery, including artist talks, guided tours and educational lectures.


Some of those who have presented solo exhibitions at the Foundation include architects Coop Himmelblau of Vienna and Douglas Cardinal of Ottawa, installation artist Corbin Walker of Dublin, photographer Gerald Zugmann of Vienna, and painters Jeannot Schwartz of Switzerland and Pilar Insertis of Spain.

As part of its International Currents programming, the Foundation has awarded the prestigious Chicago Prize to international artists who will then hold a studio residency before exhibiting and lecturing at the gallery. Past winners of the Chicago Prize include painter Ian Howard of Edinburgh and sculptor Ales Vesel of Prague.

Post War Vietnamese Art
Double Diablerie
Work by Liu Jun Gang
Plzen to Pilsen
"Work, Produce, Economize," 1975
Works by Liu Jun Gang
As Others See Us
Visionary Drawings
Double Diablerie

A community freely, actively, and cross-culturally engaged in the Arts is not a community that merely tolerates diversity, but one that protects and celebrates it.


The mission of the John David Mooney Foundation demands programming that is accessible and relevant to all individuals; therefore, diversity is the necessary cornerstone of Foundation activities. Concerts, performances, and films by international artists, as well as lectures and workshops conducted by scientists, educators, and world leaders, are all part of the Foundation's International Currents programming. Community forums and interactive symposia address a wealth of subject matter ranging from archaeo-astronomy to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, all in a way that demonstrates the relevance of the arts.


One of the most unique aspects of Foundation programming is its exploration of the relationship between Art and Science. Initiating cross-disciplinary educational programs as well as professional pursuits, the Foundation encourages artists and scientists alike to reach across the subject-divide for help and for inspiration. Workshops, symposia, and professional projects explore the interchange between art and science with vigor and imagination.

The International Currents Gallery hosts exhibits and events throughout the year. To see what is currently on display:

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Work by Liu Jun Gang

Chinese Contemporary Landscape Painting 2014